A Review of The History of SEO

SEO used to be simple and easy to manage. It used to be possible to simply post comments on blogs, e-zine articles, and social media posts with backlinks and your website would be ranked in no time. With each year, however, search engine optimization gets more and more complicated. After Google had managed to make easy backlinks ineffective, a lot of SEO experts looked for other ways to get link juice to their sites. Some Internet marketing geniuses pay for people to post links to their websites; others go to Fiverr where you can have people post mysterious backlinks to your site. Sometimes those links from Fiverr help, but sometimes your site ends up penalized due to updates in Google’s algorithms,if you want free backlinks with high authority, then you need check legit sites.. Now it seems that no matter how private or secretive your backlinks are or how good the authority they carry is, it is impossible to get your website ranking simply with backlinks.


Google Updates

Google frequently releases updates that seek to penalize any rankings that a website has achieved from “black-hat” or even “grey-hat” SEO. Google wants to make sure that the website is ranking for legitimate reasons including:

  • Good, useful, quality content that helps its readers
  • True popularity that can be signified by authentic links, time on the website, good traffic to the website, and much more
  • Relevance and consistent posting

Unfortunately, in the effort to smack a lot of SEO companies in the face for trying to get websites ranked quickly, Google also sometimes harms valid, innocent companies who are trying to get Google to recognize them in legitimate ways.

Black Hat SEO Hurts Everyone

Black hat SEO has made it more and more difficult for new websites to gain relevance and significance in Google’s eyes. Some people argue that people who pay for SEO services deserve the rankings they get because, much like more old-fashion ways of marketing, you need to spend money to make money. Unfortunately, a lot of the companies that are paying for SEO services are receiving penalties due to black hate SEO practices. Also, a lot of companies that are not paying for SEO are being hit by Google updates even though they are not even associating with black hat companies.

Finding a White Hat SEO Company

What you need to do is find a company that will only take part in white hat SEO. It can be difficult to find a white hat Colorado SEO company because, in all honesty, most companies are at the very best, gray hat. Below are some ways you can tell if a company is taking part in black hat behavior:

  • They promise quick results
  • They promise front page rankings or your money back
  • They mention a blog network
  • They discuss backlinks and only backlinks

The key to good SEO is content, content, content. Do not be fooled by the seemingly magical way that backlinks can help your website. What you really need to focus on is making your website as user-friendly as possible. Do this with quality content, easy to follow website design, and great customer service.